HSE policy


We summarized our company HSE policy statement in the following statements:

  • Accidentally Free Work Place
  • No Harm To People
  • Environmental Protection



To achieve excellence in occupational health, safety and environmental, HSE management system is one of the basic foundations of our vision to be an innovative, customer preferred supplier of safety solutions. Oil Safe dhPetroleum Service Company is committed to manage occupational health, safety and environmental matters as an essential integral part of our business. We believe that all occupational illnesses, workplace accidents and environmental incidents are preventable and will therefore never compromise HSE standards and procedures in the quest for other business priorities. We continue working together to achieve accident / occupational injuries free work place.

Our target is zero tolerance violations. Our ultimate goal is totally unacceptable, unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. Coaching the behavior and attitude of the work force to be safe behavior to lead to safe acts.

OIL Safe Petroleum Service Company complies with all applicable national and international laws and regulations and implementing programs and procedures to assure compliance. Our key performances are depending on our strict compliance with HSE standards and the work force training and assess their performance.

We work together to eliminate and/or minimize the associated risks and ensure that risk assessments are conducted for current facilities and practices As Low As Reasonable and Practicable (ALARP).

We provide our workforce with in house, local and abroad training for technical and HSE issues.

Our responsibilities are to ensure all employees are properly familiar with the HSE policies and procedures and receive adequate safety and environmental training to support their safe operations.

All workforce shall conduct activities in a manner designed to minimise HSE risks to level which is As Low As Reasonable Practicable (ALARP).

Set a target for HSE improvement, measure, appraise and report performance.

Hold appropriately empowered line management staff accountable for HSE performance.

Include HSE competencies and performance in appraisal and reward of the staff.

All workforce are requested to participate in all safety meetings, drills, companies programs and training.

Our mission is to reduce / eliminate any environmental hazardous, segregating the west and safe disposal of west through environmental management system. We are committed to care for our environment and we work hardly to ensure that our environmental management system is specifically designed to prevent pollution.

We are continuing to conduct an environmental awareness for our entire workforce. We developed a traction system for potential hazard and near miss. All accident, incident and injuries will be investigated through a highly qualified investigation team to analyze the root cause and recommended the corrective actions. We will seek continual improvement through measuring and reporting of occupational health, safety and environmental performance with regular setting and reviewing of targets. We will conduct regular occupational health, safety and environmental audits. This policy will be reviewed and updated annually.


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Oil Safey Petroleum Services Company was formed in year 2005 to provide the safety needs of the oil and gas industry worldwide. Over the years, we have acquired a number of companies sharing with them the oil field experiences to help us become the safety industry leader in a comprehensive array of safety services solutions.

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