HSE Training

We developed HSE training passport to identify the competency of the employees,the HSE passports are developed by HSE department and distributed to all departments and fields, each supervisor and manager is responsible to identify the training needs for his workforce and based on that he recommend the required HSE training courses,also HSE department had annual HSE training matrix scheduled the training sessions over the year,Training department responsible to track and record the attendees and also submitting the training needs,example for HSE training courses:
  • Are aAuthority (AA)–For area supervisors
  •  Performing Authority(PA)–For performing supervisors
  •  Control Of Work & Permit To work System.–All work force sign the permits.
  •  Energy Isolation.–For isolation authority.
  •  Task Based Risk Assessment–All engineers and supervisors.
  •  Safe lifting operation.–For Riggers,Banks man and crane operators.
  •  Banks Man
  •  Crane Operator.
  •  Defensive Driving.–For all work force drivers.
  •  Fire fighting.-For all work force.
  •  Hydrogen Sulfide "H2S"-All workforce working in sour production wells.
  •  Helicopter Safety.–For all travel/work at Offshore Platforms,Offshore Rigs and
  • Barges.
  •  Working at heights.-For all workforce.
  •  Safety Observation Program.-For supervisors levels.
  •  Near Miss / Potential Hazard.–For All workforce.
  •  Accident / Incident Root Cause Analysis.For Line Managers and selected team
  • for Accident investigation.
  •  Environmental Awareness.-For All Work fore.
  •  Personal Protective Equipment "PPE".-For All Workforce.
  •  Erecting Safe Scaffolding. For Scaffold crew and their assistant.
  •  Chemical Handling Hazardous.-For All workforce.
  •  Manual Handling.-For All workforce.
  •  First Aid.-For All Workforce.
  •  Hot Work Hazardous.For safety supervisors,welders,….ect.

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Oil Safey Petroleum Services Company was formed in year 2005 to provide the safety needs of the oil and gas industry worldwide. Over the years, we have acquired a number of companies sharing with them the oil field experiences to help us become the safety industry leader in a comprehensive array of safety services solutions.

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