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Oil Safe Petroleum Services Company provides the consulting services to help your company to achieve your expectations, the following are kinds of consulting services:

facilities, onshore/offshore rigs, marine vessels, barges and workshops

  • Safety Audits: Oil Safe has a specialist auditing team to audit onshore / offshore adgfacil
  • Loss prevention programs.
  • Fire fighting equipment survay.
  • Stand-by rescue team services.
  • Contingency plane for different plants and locations.
  • Respirator fit testing.
  • Engineering studies for fire water loop .
  • Engineering studies for oil storage tanks fire protection & fire detection.
  • Sizing & selecting the fire water pumps.
  • Testing / evaluating the fire fighting system and network.
  • Conducting hazard identifications for onshore and offshore oil / gas Plants.
  • Conducting task based risk assessment for different tasks.
  • Develop Job Safety Analysis "JSA" for customers.
  • Conducting HAZOP/HAZID for oil / gas plant operations.
  • Conducting a process safety integrity for oil / gas operations.
  • Develop and implement control of work system "CoW".
  • Accident / incident investigation:" investigating / analyzing the accident and incident aabased on the comprehensive list chart".
  • Develop emergency response plan / scenarios for different organizations.
  • Conducting emergency, fire and evacuation drills.
  • Develop safety management system for the customer.

About US

Oil Safey Petroleum Services Company was formed in year 2005 to provide the safety needs of the oil and gas industry worldwide. Over the years, we have acquired a number of companies sharing with them the oil field experiences to help us become the safety industry leader in a comprehensive array of safety services solutions.

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