Is Trump Willing To Negotiate ‘Safe Exit’ For Venezuela’s Maduro?

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The Trump administration may be willing to negotiate a safe exit for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro if he agrees to step down soon enough, an anonymous source from the administration allegedly told the Miami Herald.

The source appeared to be unusually frank with a media outlet regarding U.S. policy in Venezuela, saying Maduro’s exit from power was “the only thing there’s room for negotiation” on.

The unnamed official according to the Herald, aid the Venezuelan president may well be considering stepping down as Washington continues to tighten the noose around his government with sanction upon sanction, crippling its oil industry, but he may be uncertain about whether the U.S. will “go after him.”

“The time has come to say, this is the opportunity you have, and we are willing to negotiate to close this chapter, but your opportunity is closing because now even the United Nations has created a case that could be used against you at The Hague,” the official told the Miami Herald.

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